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I still can't believe it.
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Why does this boards still exists?

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I'm /otakool/, are you?
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Probably the site expired, and Germany doesn't feel like paying for the domain again.


Damn. It's not like he wasn't getting threads. Where else is he going to blog about his nature walks now? Poor choice.


He will feel the urge to blogpost and eventually will buy the domain back.


Does this place still work?


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wow it actually kind of scared me when my post went through

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We all love danbooru, right?
We check the 50 pages worth of new material first thing every morning, and we hoard them pics like our lives depend on it.

There's nothing better than riding on a bus, browsing danbooru and trying to choose a new wallpaper for your smartphone. That gave me an idea. So here's a challenge for you guys.
Try to put a danbooru picture on the oldest piece of technology that you possibly can.

Here's a Kuromukuro image on a '99 Nokia 7110.
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Request /jp/'s catalog using the 4chan api.
Response gets parsed and converted to unicode.
Some elements get deleted from the JSON using regex and filters.
Every thread gets an index asigned.
Function chooses a thread randomly.
Thread gets posted.


Does the bot have a set interval for posting a new thread or is that random too?


It post after 3 pm EST but only if there is any activity around, I could also set a different kind of cron job but I think this one suits the board better.


What do I need to do to make this art andbehat vintage computer do you reccomend? Still have game boy and these phones.


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Sensei! What are /jp/'s Ten Desires?
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Why is this board so dead?


File: 1495262592469.jpg (110.46 KB, 960x537)

Me and the other users moved to another non-weeaboo non-gaymer community.

I also disabled bot-kun because I don't browse this site often but I could turn it on if you want.


Whadda fuck. I got left behind. Can you give me a hint or something?




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Dude, we moved back to merorin, sorry for the late reply.

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Spring Season 2017.
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Boku no Hero academia S2 is turning into Naruto 2.0, we all know how is going to end, Deku and Bakugo having g*y s*x.


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Twin Angel Break, reminds me of Saint Tail, it's not bad but I can't say anything else because I haven't seen any other Twin Angel show.


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this show is ok but has the same problems all madhouse anime have with focusing too much on homobait and having too few girls.


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Anime was a mistake.


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uchouten kazoku and eromanga sensei are good
alice to zouroku might be interesting
I still have to check some animes but overall this season is really bad

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It's my birthday, /jp/! Let's have a thread for the nerd!
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>MySQL error 2006: mysql server has gone away
I changed the value in max_allowed_packet and also added a new exception, expect a brand new thread tomorrow.


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was this thread always spoilered

i cant take it easy with forced terminal css please bring back the buttons to i can change it to yotsuba b


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oops default sage throws me off


It looks like the css is broken, dude I also have to check why botsan didn't post today.


he probably was watching anime and forgot this board exists

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hey bro, I can't pass this boss, help me please.


File: 1491620527342.jpg (117.27 KB, 1280x720)

You're such a casual, here, pass the contr-
A-actually, let me sit on your lap, it's less time-consuming… Let's do this bro!



only if you clean up your room first


Would you like some iced tea?

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Realistically, what would you do if she appeared in front of you and tried to abduct you?
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It's just an excuse to post about Touhou characters and then image dump a whole lot of that character I think, that and role playing and posting about fantasies and fannon.

It is quite stupid, it's probably people that are new to it and have not heard of any of the Boourus.


https when?


>it's probably people that are new to it and have not heard of any of the Boourus

I'll get a certificate eventually, expect us.


File: 1491532510421.jpg (42 KB, 957x535)

The boorus are cancerous, I'd rather stay on /jp/ any day.


It's all about creating an erotic fanfic masterpiece that isn't long enough to take too long to read with an image attached that's erotic without being nsfw enough to incur the janman's steam.

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What other people called happiness did not bring /jp/ any joy.


Bot-san are you alright?

Also nothing brings /jp/ true happiness except maybe a really good djinshi.


this site is always down, I blame the admin

>nothing brings /jp/ true happiness

maybe the old /jp/ because neo-/jp/ is conformist

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What happens next?
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So this literal ape got its own board?

Well, I told you that if actually got an imageboard I would be your first jannie. And I am a man of my word. But if you think for a second that I am calling you "Sir", you got another thing comin'.


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You wish, idiot commie.


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Hondy laying on the smackdown.


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