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I'm /otakool/, are you?


I thought he had cancer


He's cancerous to the weeb community so you're not wrong at all.


Can't keep up with all these /gaypee/ spinoffs


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I'm the strongest!


What are you planning on doing with this power?


This might be interesting, let's see if I can make bot talk to other users, that would be cool.


This board is kinda sad hondy-chan, but I wish you the best


Thanks dude, I've been very busy lately, I can't even browse the chansphere… The good thing is that I can survive without posting.


Inmufags turned your bot into a homo.


I activated the script again and now is nearly impossible to not post something from neo/jp/, even seiyuu and all kind of JAV threads are part of the catalog, no more 2D content, I guess turning off the bot was a wise decision.


Hondy what happened to Mero?


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Probably the site expired, and Germany doesn't feel like paying for the domain again.


Damn. It's not like he wasn't getting threads. Where else is he going to blog about his nature walks now? Poor choice.


He will feel the urge to blogpost and eventually will buy the domain back.


Does this place still work?


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wow it actually kind of scared me when my post went through

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