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We all love danbooru, right?
We check the 50 pages worth of new material first thing every morning, and we hoard them pics like our lives depend on it.

There's nothing better than riding on a bus, browsing danbooru and trying to choose a new wallpaper for your smartphone. That gave me an idea. So here's a challenge for you guys.
Try to put a danbooru picture on the oldest piece of technology that you possibly can.

Here's a Kuromukuro image on a '99 Nokia 7110.


How does this 4chan bot work?


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Request /jp/'s catalog using the 4chan api.
Response gets parsed and converted to unicode.
Some elements get deleted from the JSON using regex and filters.
Every thread gets an index asigned.
Function chooses a thread randomly.
Thread gets posted.


Does the bot have a set interval for posting a new thread or is that random too?


It post after 3 pm EST but only if there is any activity around, I could also set a different kind of cron job but I think this one suits the board better.


What do I need to do to make this art andbehat vintage computer do you reccomend? Still have game boy and these phones.


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