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Sensei! What are /jp/'s Ten Desires?


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The site is broken…


that's what makes it so much fun


Were you the poor guy that had /ghost/ kill his last /av/ website?



I doubt it was a ghost poster.


Didn't someone on /ghost/ post porn and then email complaints to the the free host?


It was a hack thread.


I posted in the original thread.


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1 - To be pure
2 - To reject lewdness
3 - To smile every day
4 - To be righteous
5 - To show others the path of purity
6 - To show others that lewdness is a disease
7 - To free /jp/sies from the slavery of sexual urges
8 - To erase misery
9 - To find dreams anywhere she goes
10 - For the whole world to be happy


RIP Bot-kun


Why is this board so dead?


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Me and the other users moved to another non-weeaboo non-gaymer community.

I also disabled bot-kun because I don't browse this site often but I could turn it on if you want.


Whadda fuck. I got left behind. Can you give me a hint or something?




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Dude, we moved back to merorin, sorry for the late reply.

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